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Protecting your interests

PDL International

PDL International offers investments to institutional and retail clients across the globe and is the exclusive promoter of The Protected Asset TEP Fund plc (PATF), the largest Traded Endowment Policy (TEP) fund in the world (based on size and longevity as of April 2009).

In addition to PATF, PDL International offers a life settlement product (the Cascade Portfolio™) and plans to launch a range of UCITS funds in 2011.

With a rapidly growing network of distributors and advisors, we can provide an investment solution that offers:

  • Competitive Returns
    - compared to other lower risk asset classes.
  • Higher Level of Guarantees
    - as TEP's contain capital guarantees which are provided by the issuing life company, just as life settlement policies have a known maturity value.
  • Stability
    - as TEPs and life settlements generally exhibit low volatility by the fact that many investment characteristics are known at the time of purchase.
  • Diversification
    - through a wide range of quality assets investing in the underlying life company with-profits fund, or by exposure to an alternative asset class in the case of life settlements.
  • Financial Strength
    - the underlying with-profit funds are managed by some of the UK's leading life offices. Similarly life settlement policies are sourced from highly rated US insurance companies.



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